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DMV Accepted Driver Education Courses Designed for California Teens to Pass the California DMV Drivers License Tests

Cal-Driver-Ed is a pioneer in the field of online drivers education. over 45,000 California teens have taken their courses and are driving today.

DMV Approved Drivers Training for the "Behind the Wheel" Training That is Required by DMV in California

If you're looking for friendly, reliable driving school to train you to drive, Driving Schools Directory can help you find a California driving school. The schools must be licensed by the California DMV and are bonded and insured. Each instructor is individually licensed and participates in continual training.

DMV Approved Traffic School will "Erase" Traffic Tickets and Help Keep Your Insurance Costs Down!

We hope you won't receive any traffic tickets, but if you do, please enroll in a court approved Traffic School. California drivers may attend traffic school once every 18 months to "erase" a traffic ticket from your DMV record so that they don't increase your automobile insurace

What's New for California Drivers:

Several new laws took effect recently in California.

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